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Nate S. Photo Submission

Nate Smith,


During the week the surfing community lost a mate, legendary Filmer / Cinematographer and one of the nicest happy humans you could ever meet. I had the privilege of knowing this man, we shared many beers and swapped many cool stories. He was described as a real life pirate and if you had ever met him you would agree. His pirate ways are a direct result of this photo. You can see him grinning wildly behind the wheel of this jet ski with Sean Doherty ex Tracks Mag Editor laying across the middle, myself and Andrew Christie (Photographer) on the very end. We had just arrived safely back at Namotu after attending a party at Plantation Island. We were ready to bail but the party continued, Sonny grabbed us as he decided to commandeer the 2006 Globe Pro event jet ski and take us home. The petrol light was blinking red but this didn’t matter, Sonny thought we would make it, all slightly drunk, well perhaps very, we agreed to go. After rigging a lanyard out of shoestring we were on our way. Easy. We only dry docked it once on a coral bed on the 8km journey back in complete darkness, but we made it. We were happy that our captain Sonny had nailed it. He was a legend of a man, someone like myself looked up to for his camera skills and his great outlook on life, just like so many of you sitting here know, everyone enjoyed being around him, he was just awesome.. You will be missed buddy but never forgotten. Everyone who knew you would also have a great story to tell. Rest in peace. legend #yeswegotintrouble


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