Kelly Slater on Sonny Miller’s Legacy by The ASP

Kelly Slater  on Sonny Miller’s Legacy by The ASP

Sonny Miller, creator of the Rip Curl’s Search films, has passed away. Miller’s iconic series focused on adventure, travel, and the excitement of surprises around the corner. The films influenced countless surfers, promoting an embrace of the wonder of the sport, and the lifelong search for the best waves.

It’s poetic that Miller’s most renowned film was Searching for Tom Curren, which followed the surfer to Jeffreys Bay. Much of the film was shot steps from where the World Championship Tour is currently running the J-Bay Open. Curren’s ride at Jeffreys, captured by Miller’s lens, is still considered by many to be one of the most flawless waves ever ridden at the spot.

From ASP Commissioner Kieren Perrow:

“Sonny was an individual that influenced so many people through his films as well as the way he lived his life. The spirit of adventure, that was so beautifully captured in his work, started with the man himself — ever positive in the face of challenge and infectiously inspiring to those he worked with. He left a forever mark on the surfing world and will be tremendously missed. The loss is certainly being felt by all of us here in Jeffreys Bay, a place that was very special to his work which, in turn, remains very special to all of us. RIP Sonny.”

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